Double Bar EAS Security Hook Stop Lock

Double Bar EAS Security Hook Stop Lock

Model No.︰YOMO-SL003


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.4 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

1,Application:Supermarket,store,shop,showroom, exhibition,digital shop,mobile phone shop,camera shop.   

Mainly used for locking the end of the shelf hook.Avoid people to move the merchandise out of the hook.   
2,Makes it easy to secure product on slatwall hooks, gridwall hooks and pegboard hooks.   
3,The bright red color calls attention to the lock so customers know the product has been secured.(black,white or other colors are also available)   
4,Detours theft by "sweeping" and stealing large amount of items off a hook at one time   
5,The Stop Lock is easily recognized if the lock is open or closed and staff cannot intentionally leave it open to "sweetheart".   
6,Place anywhere on the hook to lock a select amount of merchandise while keeping the rest shoppable.   
7,An industrial strength magnetic key(sold separately), is required for locking and unlocking   
8, Other advantages:   
Easy operation, easy change, durable and tidy.   
Safely display your products and increase sales value.   
Reduce labor cost and space-saving   
The goods can be displayed in good order and appear very nice, it not only keep the goods in safe state,but also make the clients clear at a glance.   
9.Material:ABS plastic   
Colours: red,black ,white and so on   

Other details information:
1)The stop lock is used for display sales of big malls, chain shops, exhibition places, digital shops, etc.
2)It not only has wonderful display effect, but also can avoid theft & damage.
3)We suggest that twenty to thirty pieces stoplock matching a magnetic key.
4)Make the commodity on the stem hook more safe 
5)the stoplock are used for security display single hook 

security hook lock is useful to display the goods of plastic package,it hasnice appearence and bears well.Accord with the experience marketing requirement,display and safety of both fusion design idea. Make the customer experience of the features of the goods and to ensure product safety.

There are many other anti-theft and alarm device in our factory, such as Security display stand, Burglar alarm, alarm systems, EAS systems, pull box, Alarm electronic sensor, Mobile phone anti-shoplifting, Camera anti-shoplifting, anti-theft display rack, Anti-Shoplifting systems.

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Double Bar EAS Security Hook Stop Lock
Note:Double Bar EAS Security Hook Stop Lock, The In-Line Display Hook Lock works on chrome or zinc plated display hooks,with or without the ball on the end . Not recommended for white or black painted metal hooks.

Factory tour:   
Our factory area for anti-theft display products prodution is more than 2500 m², it has 4 series production lines, 58 Pipeline operators, 16 Quality controllers, 4 Managers. All their vision is to produce high-qualified products efficiently.


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Anti Theft Pull Box

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We will always offer free samples when we have the samples in stock, but freight cost should be paid by customers.

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Retail Shop Display Hook Anti Theft Stop Lock,Single Bar Hook Lock



Packing︰ 1000PCS/CTN

Lead Time︰ 3Days

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